The feeling of fresh bedsheets. Savouring simple pleasures. A hug from a mug. Cosiness of the soul. 



About The Cosy Nook

Hello! I'm Rachelle, your online Feng Shui consultant. It's so nice to meet you!

During your online consultation with Rachelle, you will learn how to understand your home or workplace using the science of Feng Shui. You’ll get to know how to nurture your space so that it can, in turn, support you.

Whether it’s your home or business, it’s a place where you spend your time. Learn how to make every moment matter by surrounding yourself only with things that inspire and bring joy to your heart.


Rachelle’s visit to my home was such a beautiful experience. Her energy and passion for Feng Shui was incredible. She transformed my home in one visit and I would highly recommend her.
— Sarah Richardson (Owner of Namaste Wellness : Reiki Healing & Yoga)
I’m a sceptic by nature, but Rachelle has an amazing way of translating energetic observations into something that’s practical, easy to understand, and (more importantly) easy to apply. It was wild—all that was illuminated during our consultation.

Since my meeting with The Cosy Nook, my business has been completely lifted, and I’m still enjoying its transformation!
— Tommy Ellis (Owner of VelvetVoice)
This experience really helped me focus and gain respect for my space. I realised I needed to be kinder, more caring and mindful of it, as it’s where I spend so much of my time. I would thoroughly recommend Rachelle’s service The Cosy Nook.

The sage and sound chime ritual being my favourite part, it truly connects you to your space.
— Ruth Draper
Rachelle has helped me change the way I perceive my home in a tremendously positive way. Her keen observational skills, her thoughtfulness and her (admirable) emotional intelligence has allowed me to realise how my home was reflecting in my day to day life. Since taking on the tools and suggestions taught to me by Rachelle I feel more inspired by my home than ever. What’s more incredible is that I see that inspiration playing into my daily life!
— Casey King (Co-Owner of YogaNest)

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