About The Cosy Nook

Home is a feeling.

Meet Rachelle, Your Feng Shui Cosiness Specialist


I’m completely in love with the feeling of home. Born in England, raised in Georgia (the good ‘ol south), and living in Ireland for the last six years, I never had roots in any one place. 


My family are all nomadic, and you’d think that I would have grown up to find “home” a bit of an obscure concept. But actually the opposite happened! Because I was so used to exploring different countries and sleeping in different places, I learned what the true essence of home is. And here’s a secret — it’s not located in a place.


I learned that home is savouring simple pleasures. It’s finding intimate, magical moments in the every day. Taking the time to make a cup of coffee; saying thank you to your clothes as you fold your laundry; enjoying the look of well-stacked blankets, and even more the unravelling of them as you cuddle up with your favourite person on the bed.


My greatest happiness with The Cosy Nook is helping people become aware of how their home or workspace is a reflection of their inner world. With this awareness, anyone can transform their environment into a space that supports their own greatest happiness in life.


Rachelle is a certified Gold Level Feng Shui Consultant with the International Feng Shui School. She completed her training under the inspiring Amanda Collins. Rachelle practices Feng Shui in every aspect of her life as she finds it to be such a powerful bridge between a person and their dreams.


During our online Feng Shui consultation, you’ll learn what it is about your home or business that is supporting you, what may be a creating a block, and how to enhance your environment so that it reflects the best of you.